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Best Learning Apps

Best Learning Apps

Technology has helped improve our knowledge in more ways than one. For example, you can use your smartphone to learn about almost anything through dedicated mobile learning apps. 

As you can take your smartphone anywhere, you will find that you almost have the resources of a university at your fingertip that you can utilize to learn something new or expand your existing knowledge base.

In this article, we have listed some of the most popular mobile apps for learning that is available in the market. So, let’s dive in!

Coursera – Global Online Learning Platform

You can compare Coursera with an online school in many aspects. Here you will find a large number of classes teaching different lessons. 

This app offers you more than 1000 courses in which you will find maths, science, technology, and many more. The classes are well designed and it includes video lectures and reading assignments. 

Once you complete a course, then you will get a certificate from the website. While many of the courses available in this app are free, there are some for which you have to pay.

Key Features of Coursera Mobile App

  • A large number of courses.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Graded Assignments with Peer Feedbacks
  • You can learn from anywhere.
  • Shareable Certificates
  • Self-Paced Learning Option
  • Various Practice Quizzes

Download on iOS and Android

Duolingo – Language Lessons

If you are interested in an app that would help you to learn a foreign language, then this app is your best option. 

Using this app you can learn a large number of languages. The learning process is divided into various categories which will help you to improve your fluency in a linear path. 

Each one of the topics that you have to complete for learning a language comes with a short exercise that would help you to gain familiarity with the language both through written and spoken formats. 

To help you stay motivated while learning a new language, it rewards you if you complete a task. You can use these rewards for in-app purchases of fun accessories.

Key Features of Duolingo Mobile App

  • A large number of resources for learning.
  • 35+ languages are available for learning.
  • Every language course is free.
  • It helps you prepare for real conversations in English, German, Italian, and many more languages.
  • You can invite your friends to a learning challenge through social media.

Download on iOS and Android

Khan Academy – You Can Learn Anything

This is a hugely popular learning portal that has a big subscriber base. The students can learn subjects like science, physics, maths, economics, and others through highly interactive and animated videos. 

If you use this app, then you can access more than 10,000 videos on various subjects. This app is very useful for students who want to learn some concepts in detail and want a great reference site that offers them the resources for free.

Key Features of Khan Academy

  • It offers lots of interactive learning videos, exercises, as well as articles to learn anything for free.
  • You can easily bookmark and download your favorite content to watch videos offline.
  • This app is for all people Whether you’re a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, or adult.

Download on iOS and Android


While the apps that are mentioned above offer you some existing knowledge, the TED app on the other hand takes you to a new world with innovative ideas. 

It helps you to look at the world differently. This app would help you to listen to lectures from people who are leaders in their field. 

Here you will find lectures relating to philosophy, science, arts, and many more. All the lectures that are shared through this app are explained in an easy-to-understand way. This app allows you to download videos to view offline later.

Key features of TED

  • The lectures are not long-winded and they are available for various topics.
  • You can browse the entire TED Talks video library along with subtitles in over 100 languages.
  • Keep learning when you’re offline because you can download video or audio of talks for offline playback.
  • Not able to find ideas? You can use special features like “Surprise Me” to discover an idea that will amaze and inspire.

Download on iOS and Android

Udemy – Online Courses

If you are looking for an app that offers you course-style learning, then you can try Udemy. This app is designed to offer the users skill-based learning and it has a wide range of courses on offer that includes cooking, photography, Maths, photoshop, and many more. When you register with this app, then you can access a large number of free courses on various subjects.

However, if you want to learn these in-depth, then you have to pay a subscription fee.

Key features of Udemy

  • You can watch courses with Chromecast.
  • You can easily download your favorite courses and learn even when your internet connection is unreliable.
  • It provides dark and light mode so you can be focused in any lighting condition.
  • You can set the reminder with customized push notifications for your learning routine.
  • It provides instructors for your questionary to increase your knowledge about your favorite subject. It helps a little bit extra help.
  • You can take courses as per your schedule and revisit them as per your requirements. It provides you lifetime access.

Download on iOS and Android

Codecademy Go

If you are interested in coding and want to learn new computer languages from scratch, then this app is perfect for your needs. The courses offered in this app are designed in such a way that you learn one concept at a time. And as the code editors and other interactive consoles are integrated into the app, you don’t have to download anything new to complete the courses.

Key features of Codecademy Go

  • It provides a live practice window for designers and developers.
  • It provides personalized learning plans as per your specification and need.
  • Each course is carefully provided into small sections for easy learning.
  • It comes with an interactive console to try your hand at coding.

Download on iOS and Android


These top learning apps allow you to broaden your horizon by learning something new that either helps you to learn a new skill, gain knowledge or sharpen your existing skillset for better employability.

Thanks to these apps, your smartphone has now become your coach through which you can expand your knowledge base. Go through each one of these to find one that you believe is best for your needs. Happy learning!


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