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Best Movie Streaming Apps for Every Mood (Android & iOS)

Best Movie Streaming Apps for Every Mood (Android & iOS)

People are finding it easy to watch their favorite movie or TV series on their desktop, laptop, or smartphone. To help them in this, numerous streaming apps offer both free as well as paid streaming movie services. These apps are designed in such a way that you can search for movies based on their genre like action, comedy, horror, family, drama et cetera. In this article, we have listed 5 popular movie streaming apps through which you can watch movies as well as your favorite TV series.


This app is very popular as it allows you to find and watch both movies as well as TV shows from different VOD/OTT platforms. The movies streamed in this app are of HD quality and it is very fast (you would not experience any buffering issue). The great thing about this app is that you can access innumerable movies and TV series (even the latest ones!) without paying any subscription fee. It allows you to create your playlist in which you can mix and match different titles. If you are not able to use this app on your existing network, then you must use a VPN proxy.

  • There are no advertisements.
  • Supports multiple resolutions.
  • Very easy to use interface.
  • Download movies to watch them offline.
  • Subtitles of foreign movies are available.


This is another free streaming movie app that allows you to watch some of the best films and TV series that are available on Amazon Prime and Netflix. The app is very easy to use as it has a very simple interface in which movies are listed in various categories and when you click on a link to watch that movie or TV series then it would provide you with a lot of links to various MB sizes (based on the resolution). Choose the resolution you want and click on the link to download the movie.

  • A huge catalogue of movies and TV series.
  • Very easy to use interface.
  • Multiple working links for different sizes of movies.
  • Everything is free to download.


This is an Android app that you can download from the Google play store. In this app, you can look at some of the movies which you may not find in any other movie streaming app. It has a huge library of movies and TV series. Here you can find movies and TV series for everyone in your family that can include animations, British series, Korean dramas, action movies, anime, and so on.

  • It supports Chromecast, Smart TV, Xbox, and Roku.
  • Free streaming of high-quality movies.
  • Very fast loading of even high-resolution films and TV series.
  • It is free of any malware.


This is another popular movie streaming app that is available online. It has an attractive UI and navigating through this app to find a particular title is very easy. Through this app, you can find some of the latest movies and TV series and watch them for free. Additionally, it also indexes multiple torrent search clients through which you can download movies in multiple languages for free.

  • No need to create any login account.
  • Watch movies and TV serials in multiple resolutions.
  • No advertisements.
  • There are subtitles.
  • Search bar with multiple filters.
  • Download the movie and then later.

Tea TV

This movie streaming app was created to give movie buffs a platform to watch, stream or download TV series and movies for free. The attractive design of this movie streaming app is extremely easy to use and you can watch even 1080p TVs and movie shows. This app also comes with a movie guide through which you can find out about the art titles of upcoming movies, and even watch their trailers. It allows you to create a watch history in which you can pause a streaming program and then resume watching from that point later.

  • Watch the latest movies and TV shows.
  • It supports HD streaming.
  • The UI of this app is very simple yet attractive.
  • Download any movie for free.


All the movie streaming apps that are listed in this article offer you to watch amazing movies and TV series either on your smart TV, computer, or smartphone. Home entertainment has scaled to a new high thanks to these amazing streaming apps. Now, you don’t have to go out to a movie theatre to watch your favorite movie. These apps allow you to watch the latest movie flick as soon as it is launched in the market. Furthermore, in case you want to watch your old favorite movie, then you can simply browse through their catalogue and click on that title and it would be streamed to your smart TV, laptop or smartphone. Check these apps and choose the one that offers you the maximum titles for a minimum subscription. Happy watching!


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