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Best Hairstyle Apps to Try on New Looks

Best Hairstyle Apps to Try on New Looks

Hairstyle apps are quite big in the fashion industry as it helps hairstylists to find out the latest trends in hairstyling and include them in their work. Thanks to augmented reality and machine learning, these apps allow you to experiment with various hairstyles virtually once you upload your photo in the app. So many hairstyle mobile apps are available in the play store and Apple Store. As per the research of AppsInventory, We listed only the best hairstyle apps.

Hair Makeover – modiface

Hair Makeover - modiface

Hair Makeover app is one of the most popular hairstyle apps that allows you to try on different hairstyles and hair colors, glasses and jackets. It is a versatile hairstyle app that allows users to discover new looks, experiment with different hairstyles, and make confident decisions about their hair and fashion preferences. With its extensive collection of hairstyles, glasses styles, jacket options, and the ability to create comic-style faces, the app offers an enjoyable and interactive experience for users seeking a virtual hair makeover.

Key Features of Hair Makeover – modiface Hairstyle App

  • Offers over 600 popular hairstyles for both men and women.
  • Provides a wide selection of more than 100 glasses styles to choose from.
  • Presents a variety of jacket styles for users to explore and try on.
  • Includes a convenient one-click conversion function that transforms your face into a comic-style representation

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Hairstyle Try On

Hairstyle Try On

The Hairstyle Try On mobile app is an application that allows users to try on different hairstyles using their mobile devices virtually.

This app allows users to explore different hairstyles, hair colors, and lengths without committing to a physical change. By leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology, the app superimposes virtual hairstyles onto the user’s photo, creating a realistic and interactive experience.

The Hairstyle Try On app typically offers a wide range of hairstyles for both men and women. Users can browse through an extensive collection of different cuts, styles, and trends, ranging from short to long hair, curly to straight, and everything in between. The app often includes options for various hair colors, allowing users to experiment with different shades and highlights to find the perfect look.

Key Features of Hairstyle Try On

  • Enables you to experiment with new hairstyles by trying them on virtually.
  • Offers 36 free hairstyles in different lengths for you to try on.
  • Provides the option to purchase style packages containing over 800 hairstyles.
  • Presents a wide selection of more than 50 hair color options for each hairstyle.
  • Allows you to capture a photo or choose one from your photo album.
  • You can easily share your results with your family, friends, or hairstylist.
  • Provides valuable hairstyle information and important tips.
  • Helps you determine which hairstyles are suitable for your face shape.

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Hairstyle Makeover

Hairstyle Makeover

The Hairstyle Makeover app is a very popular mobile app in the beauty industry that lets you check hairstyles to your photo in an easy interface. You can tap & drop the style you want, and the app uses natural hairstyles that are professionally edited so they look real when you try them on.

Key Features of Hairstyle Makeover

  • It offers a wide range of hairstyles catering to both male and female users.
  • You can access 100+ hairstyles, beards and mustaches via In-App Purchase.
  • You can adjust the width or height of the hairstyle to complement your facial structure.
  • You can adjust placement, size and rotation of all hairstyles.
  • Access previously added hairstyles using the layer tool for quick comparisons

Download on iOS

Hairstyle Changer – HairStyle

Hairstyle Changer – HairStyle is the best Hair Style Changer and Hair Color Changer mobile app for male and female users to create new Hairstyles on photos. It will allow you to edit any face with various Hairstyles, put different hairstyles on your pics, and make stylish photos.

Key Features of Hairstyle Changer – HairStyle

  • Auto-recognition technology to make your makeup precisely and naturally fit
  • Long, short, straight, curly, and special hairstyles for both women and men
  • Trending hair colors and magic gradient multiple hair colors.
  • Manual adjustment of hairstyle (alpha, rotation, scale, width, height)
  • It allows flipping the hair to change the part side
  • You can access previously added hairstyles by using the layer tool
  • You can easily change the color tint of the style to match your photo

Download on Android

Hairstyle Try On: Bangs & Wigs

Hairstyle Try On: Bangs & Wigs

Hairstyle Try On: Bangs & Wigs is a versatile mobile app designed to revolutionise your hairstyling experience.

Hairstyle Try On: Bangs & Wigs is a versatile mobile app designed to revolutionise your hairstyling experience. With many features at your fingertips, this app allows you to try on a wide range of hairstyles virtually, helping you discover the perfect look without any commitment. From modern cuts to vibrant hair colors, Hairstyle Try On: Bangs & Wigs offers a vast collection of styles to suit every preference. 

Whether you upload a photo or use the app’s sample models, you can easily customise and adjust the hairstyles to fit your face shape, size, and even the parting side.

Key Features of Hairstyle Try On: Bangs & Wigs

  • Virtual Try-On: Experiment with bangs and wigs by trying different hairstyles using your photos or app models.
  • Bangs Styles: Explore diverse bangs styles with different lengths, thicknesses, and shapes to find the perfect match for your facial features.
  • Wig Selection: Choose from various wigs in different colors, lengths, and textures. Transform your look and experiment with various hairstyles effortlessly.
  • Realistic Effects: Experience seamless integration of virtual hairstyles with advanced AR technology. Achieve a natural blend that accurately reflects the final look of your photo.
  • Hair Color Customization: Explore a range of shades and enhance your overall style by experimenting with different hair colors for bangs and wigs.
  • Sharing and Saving: Save or share your virtual makeovers with friends, family, or hairstylists for valuable feedback and opinions.

Download on Android

Wrapping up

We hope that the list of hairstylist apps that we have shared with you in this article would excite you enough so that you go through each one of them carefully and then select one which you like the most. While most of these apps are free to use, they also have their paid version through which you can contact professional hairstyle to seek a solution for your hair or even book their services and pay them online.


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