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Best Hairstyle Apps

Best Hairstyle Apps

Hairstyle apps are quite big in the fashion industry as it helps hairstyle to find out the latest trends in hairstyling and include them in their work. Thanks to augmented reality and machine learning, these apps allow you to experiment with various hairstyles virtually once you upload your photo in the app. In this article, we have listed some of the best hairstylist apps that you can download and use to figure out which one of these provides you with the best possible features.


This is a very popular mobile makeover app that is available both for iOS and Android platforms. In this app, you can experiment with different cosmetic colors to have virtual make-up and figure out which one suits you the most. It has a section called celebrity hairstyle and accessories in which you can access the hairstyles of more than 40 celebrity hairstyles. All you have to do is snap a photo of your face. You can also choose one from the gallery and then use various hairstyles to figure out which one of these suits you the best.

As the app and the services are free, you can try innumerable styles to finalize one that is best suited for your face. This app has numerous make-up features some of which include the following.

  • More than 60 celebrity hairstyles.
  • More than 20 celebrity looks.
  • An intelligent integrated color blending technology.
  • Facial recognition algorithm.
  • Support social network sharing.


This is another virtual make-up app that has a dedicated hairstylist section which you can use to find how the latest trend in hairstyling fits in with your new look. This popular app has more than 100 million active users, which shows its credibility. The importance of such an app is that without paying a dime you can experiment with numerous hairstyles to finally figure out which style you like the most. 

As the app is virtually free to install and use, you can use it as much as you want for both your hair styling as well as overall make-up. As this is a comprehensive make-up tool, you will find it has numerous features that would help you to create a great look for yourself.

  • It has more than 200 preset hot styles.
  • More than 20 beauty and make-up tools.
  • Numerous video tech tutorials from well-known YouTube artists.
  • Recommendations for the best hair styling tools.
  • Sophisticated face detection technology.
  • Save and share your looks via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Style My Hair

This app offers you a complete makeover experience by making inspired changes both in your hairstyling as well as coloring. This app uses the 3D hair color makeover technology of L’Oreal professionals to help you find out how different hairstyles and colors would look on you. This is a fun-to-use app in which you can use multiple colors that are available in the app including multiple shades of brown, red, and copper and also some funky shades of purple also.

This app allows you to change your hairstyle, and then apply color so that you can look through various styles to find the one style that suits you the best. Once you find the right style, then you can share it with your friends on the social network. It has numerous features some of which includes:

  • Multiple colors to choose from.
  • Share your new look on social networks.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is free.

Hairstyle Mirror

Hairstyle apps have helped to make your smartphone your hairstylist. One such app is the Hairstyle Mirror that allows you to use various hairstyles that are provided in the app to see which one looks great on you. It has a live face tracking algorithm that naturally blends your face with the hairstyles that you have chosen to give you a realistic look at how you will appear if you adopt that hairstyle.

It has more than 100 haircuts of different women that are categorized into five segments that include, long, special, medium, short and crazy. Some of the added features that this app provides includes how your hair will look with glitter, flowers, butterflies, and more. You can not only adjust the haircut and size but also the color of your hair. A few of the exciting features of this app include the following.

  • Adjust haircut virtually.
  • Numerous hairstyle options.
  • Colorize your hair.
  • Social media integration.


We hope that the list of hairstylist apps that we have shared with you in this article would excite you enough so that you go through each one of them carefully and then select one which you like the most. While most of these apps are free to use, they also have their paid version through which you can contact professional hairstyle to seek a solution for your hair or even book their services and pay them online.


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