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Ultimate Language Learning Apps for iOS & Android Users

Ultimate Language Learning Apps for iOS & Android Users

As perpetual learners, we’re always thrilled to explore new mobile apps and platforms that facilitate language acquisition. An effective language-learning app can be a game-changer.

With numerous language learning apps on the market designed to adapt to individual learners’ skill levels, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. When selecting a language learning app, keep an eye out for unique features that simplify the process of acquiring a new language.

Here is a list of the best language learning apps that you can use to learn new languages as per your requirements.

Babbel – Language Learning

Babbel is one of the subscription-based top language learning apps and e-learning platforms that offers courses in many languages. It was founded in 2007; the language learning curriculum of this app is designed by linguists who have used innovative and interactive teaching techniques.

Babbel’s courses are designed to help you learn a language comprehensively and engagingly. Each course includes a variety of interactive lessons that cover all aspects of language learning, including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversation. Lessons are typically 10-15 minutes long, so you can easily fit language learning into your busy schedule.

Key Features of Babbel Mobile App

  • Interactive dialogue would help in improving your pronunciation.
  • Flexible schedule of 10- 15-minute lessons for easy learning.
  • Immersive teaching style for ease of learning.
  • Remember your earlier lessons by using the unique review feature of the app.
  • 5,000 language courses are available in the Babbel mobile app.
  • Offline mode is also available, so you can download lessons and learn from anywhere.
  • 60,000 language lessons are available, along with in-depth content.
  • Engage in real-life conversation after a comprehensive lesson of listening, speaking, and writing.

 Download on iOS and Android


Memrise app helps you to learn a language by learning real-world phrases. As a beginner, you would be learning these phrases from native speakers who are enacting real-life situations on videos in which these phrases are used. It will help you to understand when and how specific phrases are used and how to pronounce them.

Memrise language learning app is free to use. Apart from that, it offers a subscription service that gives users access to all of the app’s features, including offline access, personalized learning plans, and access to exclusive courses.

Key Features of the Memrise Mobile App

  • A variety of learning methods to understand and learn the language quickly, including games, quizzes, and flashcards.
  • The inclusion of game elements makes learning through this app fun.
  • Personalized learning plans help the user’s individual needs and learning style.
  • 30,000 native speaker videos are available in Memrise Pro, which unlocks all vocab lessons.
  • Memrise offers courses in over 30 languages.
  • An offline access feature is available for Memrise subscribers so they can learn even when they don’t have an internet connection.
  • Specialized courses are available, such as Business English and Travel Spanish.
  • Unlimited speaking practice with an AI language tutor to build up confidence in private before speaking with natives for real.

Memrise Mobile App supports the following languages: English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Yoruba.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and engaging way to learn a language, Memrise is a great option to consider.

Download on iOS and Android

Duolingo: Language Lessons

This amazing app allows you to learn more than 40 languages for absolutely free. You can learn languages through its game-like lesson-teaching style, which is interesting and innovative. The entire learning process is built on an app progressive approach, which means that once you have completed a level, you can unlock the next level after you give the right answer to a specific number of questions.

Key Features of Duolingo Mobile App

  • Completely free language learning app.
  • Well organized and has a progressive teaching style.
  • Gamification of the learning style that makes it interesting for students.
  • Short lessons so that students don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Track your progress by setting goals and getting playful awards when you reach them.

Download on iOS and Android

Rosetta Stone

If you are looking for a great language learning app that has a unique and immersive style of learning, then Rosetta Stone should be your top pick. This app with more than 25 years of experience uses the latest technologies like audio recognition and AI to analyze your learning style. Based on its analysis, the app allows you to choose the perfect curriculum that fits your style of learning. 

This app gives you a range of subscription plans from $ 7.99 for a three-month course to $ 11.199 for a one-year plan. However, if you love to learn new languages, then you can take their lifetime access plan of $179 and can learn unlimited languages at your leisure.

Key Features of Rosetta Stone Mobile App

  • Multiple pricing options so that you can choose one that fulfills your needs.
  • A personalized lesson plan that fits in with your learning style.
  • Proven teaching method for great results.
  • Perfect fit for any schedule with small 10-minute lesson modules.
  • Real-time pronunciation with the patented TrueAccent technology. 

 Download on iOS and Android


Mondly is a great language learning app with which you can learn a new language for free. This app focuses on helping you build vocabulary. It uses exciting language learning lessons that are fun to learn. This app has an inbuilt speech recognition technology that helps you to learn at your own pace by adjusting the lessons as per your learning style. 

Key Features of Mondly Mobile App

  • Learn up to 33 languages which makes this app perfect for linguists, travelers, and anyone who is interested in learning a new language.
  • Learn in a fun and engaging way so that you don’t feel overwhelmed at any time.
  • Clear audio lessons by professional voice actors to help with your pronunciation.
  • Small learning sessions make it perfect for someone who is on a tight schedule.
  • Smart speech recognition tool  that adjusts as per your learning style.

Download on iOS and Android


This language learning app uses a unique goal-oriented approach to ensure that its user learns according to a particular format to achieve some set goals. This app allows you to learn vocabulary by going through topic-based lessons which help in improving your conversational skills rapidly. 

Busuu has multiple subscription plans to learn a language including the basic free plan which has limited features, the Premium plan which is available for $ 10.8 per month is for only one language. The Premium Plus plan which is available for $ 11.89 allows you to learn up to 12 languages.

Key Features of Busuu Mobile App

  • Learning with native speakers for faster learning and improving fluency.
  • A goal-oriented approach to regularly checking your progress.
  • Well-structured courses so that every aspect of the language is taught properly.
  • Fits in well with your schedule with the study plan feature.
  • Learn basic and advanced grammar with the smart grammar tool.

Download on iOS and Android


These are just some of the popular language learning apps that are available in the market. This article has given you a broader idea of what each one of these language learning app offers. You can now choose which one of these apps best suits your style.


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