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Best Kids Learning Apps

Best Kids Learning Apps

If you are looking for a fun way to teach your child, then you should look at educational apps, which help your child learn something new outside of the classrooms. These apps which are boosted with augmented reality and machine learning help the child to learn at their own pace. Furthermore, these apps are designed in such a way that it encourages the user to go deep into a subject to understand its concept. There are innumerable educational apps available in the market and it sometimes becomes hard to figure out which one is the best suited for your child. To help you in this aspect we have created a list of the top four educational apps for your kids. Your child can use these apps and get immense benefits for developing a curious mind.


This app is created for very young children aged 2 to 8. The focus of this app is to help young kids learn letters, simple maths, general knowledge, and other subjects in a fun-filled way. To help them in their learning process, the user can make use of numerous videos, engaging activities, songs, stories all related to art, maths, science, and reading. This app offers various levels of learning which the parent can browse through to find the right one for their kid.

  • It is made for small children (2 to 8 years old).
  •  A large repository of resources on various subjects.
  • The entire curriculum is planned by expert teachers.
  • It is safe and can be used with COPPA verification.


If you are interested in helping your child to fall in love with reading, then you should look at the EPIC app which has more than 40,000 books on various subjects in its virtual library. Your kid can go through this humongous resource of books, videos, and audiobooks on various devices like mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets. This app is perfect for those parents and educators who are engaged in homeschooling and want a tool to encourage their child or students to read more.

The UI of this app is extremely attractive and very user-friendly and comes with a very powerful search option to find the best material suited for the age, interest, and reading level of your child. It is designed for small children (aged 2 to 12 years).

  • Huge reading resources.
  • Can be used both in-home and school.
  • Very easy to navigate.
  • It comes with incentives to encourage reading like awards and badges.
  • You can read downloaded reading material offline also.


If your child is interested in coding or you want your child to develop a liking for coding, then this app is perfect for your child’s needs. This app uses interesting games and various challenges to encourage coding skills in a child in a fun way. The UI of this app is highly intuitive and it teaches your child to learn coding in a way that they would love and enjoy. It is used by more than 62,000 teachers to teach students about coding. And more than 35,000 schools around the world also encourage their students to use this app to learn about coding.

  • Helps a child to develop critical thinking and promote problem-solving ability.
  •  A large number of coding challenges.
  • Even a child who is 8+ years old can learn coding through this app.
  • Exciting and fun games to increase the engagement of the child.

Khan Academy

It is a comprehensive educational app that promotes a personalized style of learning. This app is suitable for kids of all ages and it is completely free and it offers a wide range of subjects and reference articles. There are innumerable videos on various topics related to maths, physics, chemistry, arts, and others along with their practice questions to test your progress. It has resources that will help you to prepare yourself for SAT, IELTS, and GMAT exams.

  • A huge library of videos on various subjects.
  • The subjects are taught by using multimedia and illustrations so that students can easily learn.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You can start from where you have left in a new class.
  • Free study materials and videos you can download the excess anytime anywhere.


While it is true that the traditional way of learning is still considered the best by experts, it has some disadvantages. It creates a monotonous way of learning and it does not encourage creativity and critical thinking. The educational apps on the other hand encourage a personalized way of learning through multimedia resources. Therefore, if you are looking for different tools through which you can improve the learning skill of your child, then you can use the educational apps to your advantage.


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